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April 4, 2017

Addition, Subtraction, and Attempts at Lent by Sarah Ogletree

Loss and Grief in Many Forms by Shakeisha Gray

5 Top News Stories in 5 Different Categories by Andrea Simmonds

A Theology of Arrival by Erica Saunders

Top 10 Ways to Procrastinate for an Exam by Tablet Staff

A Day in the Life of a Grad Mom by Sherine Thomas

President Trump’s Revised Travel-Ban and Religion: Three Judges, Two Different Conclusions on Constitutionality by Steve Gardner

Being Hope-Filled by Carly Geis

Simple Pleasures by Andrea Simmonds

Second Semester of Third Year as Told with GIFs by Corinne Causy, guest contributor

Third Year Spotlight: Gabriel Sifuentes by Darnysha Nard

March 1, 2017

What Do You Believe In? by Sarah Ogletree

Choosing Joy by Carly Geis

Something is in the Air by Shakeisha Gray

A Theology of 12 Angry Men by Erica Saunders

Little-Noticed Amendments to Federal Law Address Atheists and Contradict Calls for Muslim and Syrian-Refugee Ban by Steve Gardner

Top 10 Ways Wake Div is Like Hogwarts by Tablet Staff

Righteousness Dawning: A Contemplative Opinion on the Not So New Age of Trump by Daniel Reese

Simple Pleasures by Sherine Thomas

Top 5 News Stories by Andrea Simmonds

Third Year Spotlight: Alyssa “Ski” Botte by Darnysha Nard

Third Year Spotlight: Marlena Del Hierro by Darnysha Nard

April 25, 2016

Spring Mournings by Darnysha Nard

Spiritual Contempl/Hallucinations on Love by Kevin Garrity

We Have No Right: That Time My Cat Helped Me Write an Article by Anna Kate McWorther

Toward a Zen Buddhist Christianity by Michael Dise

A Sampling of Socialism in the United States: AKA Free Stuff for White People by Elizabeth Corney

More Than a Game by Marisa Fraley

Money Minute: Next Steps by Daniel Potter

Receiving Ministry: Listening and Learning by Brian Hayes

Third Year Spotlight: Kristin Fulton

Five Stories to Know by Maris Fraley

Top Ten Courses We Wish Were Offered

March 2, 2016

Silence for the Gospel: Making Space to Hear and Speak Truth by Darnysha Nard

Finding Your Voice: A Private and Public Experience by Daniel Reese

Why Am I Here? Why Are Any of Us Here? by Shakeisha Gray

5 News Stories to Know by Marisa Fraley

Money Minute: Get Ready for Summer by Angel Lee

Third Year Spotlight Turns to Vivian Jones-Johnson by Brian Hayes

Top Ten Things Divinity Students Inadvertently Give Up for Lent

February 15, 2016

Commissioned to Create Holy Houses: Art as Sacrament and Self-Preservation by Anna Kate McWhorter

Where is Safety? Everywhere and Nowhere by Elizabeth Corney

Money Minute: Lent and Taxes by Anna Fleig

Letter to a King by Jayvon Johnson

Hashtag to Movement: #RahielatWakeDiv by Darnysha Nard

5 News Stories to Know by Marisa Fraley

Top Ten Bad Habits that Carried Over from Last Semester

February 3, 2016

Is There Room? by Daniel Reese

Minister, Know Thyself by Brian Hayes

5 News Stories to Know by Marisa Fraley

Money Minute: Dressing the Part While Not Breaking the Bank by Angel Lee

Let the Name Sound by Jayvon Johnson

Third Year Spotlight Turns to Josh Godwin by Darnysha Nard

Top Ten Reasons We’re Glad Winter Storm Jonas is Over

November 18, 2015

Introverts Can Do Ministry Too! by Marisa Fraley

Bus Theology by Elizabeth Corney

The Greatest Gift of All by Michelle Butler

Singing Our Way into Being: Music as Identity by Brian Hayes

Money Minute: From Scarce to Sacred by Larke Blanton

All the Reasons to Wear Technicolored Dream Socks by Jonathan Gamble

The Voice: Is Your Name Changing? by Jayvon Johnson

Reed’s Hypothetical and Totally Not Legitimate Addition to The Rap Year Book by Reed Lawson

Top Ten Most Overused Phrases at Wake Div.

November 4, 2015

Carpenters of Community by Jayvon Johnson

A Reflection on Language for God by Christine Hargraves

Swallowed Up: Ministry and Depression by Anna Kate McWhorter

Theology Functions: Taking Risks With Our Beliefs by Brian Hayes

An Uncommon Ministry: Support is Important by Darnysha Nard

5 News Stories to Know by Marisa Fraley

Money Minute: The Cost of Habits by Angel Lee

Third Year Spotlight Turns to Kevin Deibert by Jonathan Gamble

DivVine Question: What Would You Like to Ask God?

Top Ten Ways to Get Kicked Out of Wake Div.

October 20, 2015

Sex as Sacred by Jonathan Gamble

Rest Filled Break: Why I Love a Four Day Weekend by Darnysha Nard

The Tale of Wailing Wendy May by Anna Kate McWhorter

Money Minute: Fall Break Resolutions by Daniel Potter

5 News Stories to Know by Marisa Fraley

Your Thread: How Do You Weave? by Jayvon Johnson

Third Year Spotlight Turns to Marcus McGill by Brian Hayes

DivVine Question: What Would You Like to Ask God?

Top Ten Divinity School Inspired Halloween Costumes

October 7, 2015

Risking Transformation by Daniel Reese

First-Year Growing Pains by Anna Kate McWhorter

Liberation and Contemplation by Jonathan Gamble

Money Minute: One Plus One Equals…? by Angel Lee

5 News Stories to Know by Marisa Fraley

How to Achieve the Perfect Fall Look by Darnysha Nard

Faculty Introduction: Dr. Elizabeth Gandolfo by Brian Hayes

Third Year Spotlight Turns to Andrew Burner by Michelle Butler

Time is the Key by Jayvon Johnson

Top Twelve Places to Nap on Campus

September 22, 2015

Kim Davis is Not Me: Reshaping the Kentucky Woman Narrative by Anna Kate McWhorter

What is the Bible? A Pilgrimage of the Heart by Jonathan Gamble

Meaning in My Meandering: Gleaning Hope from the Abyss by Brian Hayes

Money Minute: Grandpa’s Wisdom by Angel Lee

Moment of Transparency: Ministering to “the Least” by Jayvon Johnson

5 News Stories to Know by Marisa Fraley

Third Year Spotlight Turns to Pia Diggs by Darnysha Nard

Top Ten Totally Legit Reasons to Use a Laptop in Class

September 8, 2015

The Call to Minister: Getting Our Hands Dirty in the Messiness of Life by Bea Franklin

#BlackLivesMatter: All Lives Matter When Black Lives Matter by Daniel Reese

White Privilege 101: Comforting the Afflicted and Afflicting the Comfortable by Anna Kate McWhorter

Blessed and Planted: Psalm 1:1-6 and Learning to Nurture the Spirit by Jayvon Johnson

More Than Just a Flag by Demi McCoy

The Sound of Silence by G. Travis Woodfield

Money Minute: Your Dream Can Come True by Angel Lee

5 News Stories to Know by Marisa Fraley

Why I Am A Wake Div Student by Brian Hayes

Third Year Spotlight Turns to Larke Griffin and Sara Smith by Elizabeth Corney

Top Ten Multicultural Context Courses for Eager Divinity Students

April 28, 2015

Real Talk about Race: My Experience in Interracial (and SGL) Dating by Keith Menhinick

Theological Education: The Integrity of the Generalist Approach by Chris Coleman

Good News and Bad Fruit by Lisa Page

Photo Op Ministry by Brandon Hubbard-Heitz

Gracing Justice by Brian Hayes

The End is Nigh: Self-Care during Finals by Elizabeth Corney

Goodbye My Friend by Jessica Place

Third Year Spotlight Turns to Ted Wilkinson by Anna Fleig

DivVine Question: How will you celebrate the end of the semester?

Top 38 Things We’ll Miss about the Class of 2015

April 14, 2015

Barnacles on the Patriarchal Ship by Lisa Page

The God of Surprises by Jonathan Gamble

What We Can Learn from Scientology by Jessica Place

Who R U? by Brandon Hubbard-Heitz

The Superstition of Victim Blaming by Elizabeth Corney

Third Year Spotlight: Candice Morris by Anna Fleig

DivVine Question: Which Div School Prof Could Help You Survive the Apocalypse?

Top 10 People We Wish Wake Div Would Hire

April 2, 2015

Love: A Grassroots Effort by Brian Hayes

Juking the Stats by Brandon Hubbard-Heitz

I Am Not Ashamed by John-Mark Brown

Lunching with Justice by Lisa Page

Invited into the Ecotones of the Spirit by Elizabeth Corney

The Last Evangelical Standing by Jessica Place

Troubled Consciences by Jonathan Gamble

Why I Am a Presbyterian by Lindsey Alvater

Third Year Spotlight: Alan Suber by Anna Fleig

DivVine Question: What’s the cutest Easter photo?

Top 10 Reasons We Wish We Went to Liberty University

March 2, 2015

A Touch of Madness by Jonathan Gamble

The Divinity Student’s Drug of Choice by Elizabeth Corney

In the Grip of Anxiety by Lisa Page

Urinals, Churches, and Public Space by Brandon Hubbard-Heitz

Reproductive Rights for (People Who Don’t Want to Sound Like) Dummies by Jessica Place

Why I Am an Apostolic by Crystal Rook

Third Year Spotlight: Sarah Stitt by Anna Fleig

DivVine Question: What song best describes your semester?

Top 10 Best Second Year Internships

February 10, 2015

Self-Discovery and Learning to Love Myself by Brian Hayes

Broke, Bored Valentine’s Day by Elizabeth Corney

An Open Letter to Wake Forest University by John-Mark Brown

It Gets Better: Valentine’s Day for the Rest of Us by Lisa Page

How to Be a Sex-Positive Christian by Jessica Place

Loving Love by Pia Diggs

Why I Am a Baptist by Andrew Gardner

Third Year Spotlight: Lové Lemon by Anna Fleig

DivVine Question: Who is your celebrity dream date?

Top 10 Reasons Jesus Would Make a Great Valentine

January 27, 2015

Down in the River by Jessica Place

Faith and Football by John-Mark Brown

Divinity School Will Ruin Your Life by Brandon Hubbard-Heitz

Evangelical Megachurch Comes Out by Lisa Page

The Futility of Knowledge Without Love by Brian Hayes

No Shoes Allowed by Elizabeth Corney

Third Year Spotlight: Michael Dise by Anna Fleig

DivVine Question: What was the best thing you did over break?

Top 10 Dream Mulitcultural Ministry Trips

December 1, 2014

When the Verdict was Announced by Pia Diggs

The Christmas Movie List by Brandon Hubbard-Heitz

How to Score Alone Time During the Holidays by Elizabeth Corney

Christmas Can Hold Humanity by Lisa Page

An Insufferable Hipster’s Guide to the Holidays by Jessica Place

Pregnant With Christ by Jonathan Gamble

Why I Am an Episcopalian by Pat Boswell

Third Year Spotlight: Nick Stewart by Nikki Scheidecker

DivVine Question: What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

Top 10 Ways to Make the Most of Christmas Break

November 17, 2014

Race in the School of Divinity by Pia Diggs and Lisa Page

Reflection on Vandana Shiva by Elizabeth Corney

Pedophiles are People, Too by Brian Hayes

More Than Food by Anna Fleig

Being OK With Not Being OK by Jessica Place

The Holy Spirit and Lady Wisdom by Jonathan Gamble

Third Year Spotlight: Terrinae Watson by Nikki Scheidecker

DivVine Question: What are you thankful for?

Top 10 Top 10s We Didn’t Publish

October 27, 2014

The Bible and Discrimination by Jonathan Gamble

Left Behind: The Movie by Jessica Place

Demonology 101 by Brandon Hubbard-Heitz

Halloween is a Carnival of Death by Elizabeth Corney

Unapologetically You by Brian Hayes

Why I Am a Humanist by Anna Fleig

Real Talk About Race by Lisa Page

Hello Fear by Pia Diggs

Third Year Spotlight: Cameron Robinson by Nikki Scheidecker

DivVine Question: What Was Your Best Halloween Costume?

Top 10 Things We Find Terrifying

October 7, 2014

Girls Rock by Jessica Place

Black Gospel and Its Role in the World by Eddie Sanders

How to Be a Straight White Man by Brandon Hubbard-Heitz

Stealing Joy by Anna Fleig

Segregated Sundays by Brian Hayes

Real Talk About Race: Blackness in America by Richard Mchau

The Day Homelessness Got a Face by Pia Diggs

Inside the Window by Jonathan Gamble

Third Year Spotlight: Lindsey Mullen by John-Mark Brown

DivVine Question: Where do you find God in divinity school?

Top 10 Things You’re Afraid Will Happen the Next Time You Preach

September 24, 2014

Sports Report by Andrew Gardner

Man Without a Race by Gabriel Sifuentes

Inviting, Not Invasive by Eddie Sanders

Ice Cream and Monks by Jonathan Gamble

Why I Am Nondenominational by Darrell Hamilton

Hoping for Acceptance by Nikki Scheidecker

Something Old, Something New by Jessica Place

Coming Out by Amanda Ferguson

Secret Revealed by Pia Diggs

Third Year Spotlight: Travis McGuirt by Elizabeth Corney

DivVine Question: What cartoon character do you identify with?

Top 10 Perks of Attending Wake Forest University

September 9, 2014

On Being a Racist by Brandon Hubbard-Heitz

How to Describe Divinity School in 10 Words or Less by Elizabeth Corney

Identity Before Ministry by Brian Hayes

Peace in the Midst of Poverty by Nikki Scheidecker

Why I Am a Moravian by Victoria Reid

The Wrong Good by Jonathan Gamble

The Old Gods and the New by Jessica Place

Cram by Pia Diggs

DivVine Question: What is your favorite place in Winston-Salem?

Top 10 Things We’re Already Over

April 29, 2014

Real Talk About Race: History Defines the Future by Angela Chavis

Why I Am a ?????? by Kim Priddy

Transubstantiation and Answer Me Jesus by Mandy Mizelle

Kill Your Laptop by Lisa Page

If You Ignore the Mosquitoes, Summer is Pretty Great by Elizabeth Corney

Wrestling With God: Is Divinity School Even Worth It? by Brian Hayes

Bikini Bod? Try Speedo Bod: Issues of Masculinity and Body by Chris Rinker

Choosing Not to Fear by Pia Diggs

Sexual Assault and Purity Culture by Jessica Place

Embracing Doubt, Affirming Our Calls by the Pastoral Care Committee

Racism is Alive and, Well, It’s Getting Old by John-Mark Brown

A Metamodernist in Mourning by Molly Bolton

Third Year Spotlight: Martin Lawson by Brandon Hubbard-Heitz

DivVine Question: What’s your favorite study-break YouTube video?

Top Ten Things We’ve Neglected This Summer

April 7, 2014

Reflections on Ordination by Lisa Page

Why I Am a Member of the UCC by Jessica Chapman

My Muslim Neighbor Has a Southern Accent by Elizabeth Corney

The Beauty and the Beast in My Black Church Experience by Pia Diggs

Real Talk About Race: The Joy of Racial Ambiguity by Blake Strother

Embodying Hospitality by Listening for Understanding by Brian Hayes

The Heavens Are Telling the Glory of God by Jessica Place

Third Year Spotlight: Ralph Botte by John-Mark Brown

DivVine Question: What’s Your Pump-Up Song?

Top 10 Signs Spring Is in the Air

March 25, 2014

Hard Hats and Soft Hearts by Brittani Chavious

Prisons: The Largest Mission Field in America by Maria Nkonge

Earthy Jesus by Molly Bolton

Wake Div Goes Leafy Green by Lisa Page

Sustaining Feminism by Jessica Place

Third Year Spotlight: Abby Pratt by Brandon Hubbard-Heitz

Top 10 Sustainability Ideas

DivVine Question: How Would You Make the Div School Greener?

March 4, 2014

Willing to Be Trans-formed by Lisa Page

Dammit.  I Think I Might Be a Christian by Molly Bolton

Trusting People with the Holy Things by Analyse Triolo

He Was Called to Them, Too by Oliver Thomas

Inconceivable Religious Liberty by Jessica Place

Spiritual Malpractice by Pia Diggs

The Real Meaning of Human Success by Bryan Hayes

Third Year Spotlight: Patryce Campbell by Elizabeth Corney

10 Ways to Get Over the Mid-Semester Hump

DivVine Question: What Would Be Your Dream Spring Break?

February 11, 2014

Clergy Couture by Lisa Page

Hot Diggity Dog by Courtney Stamey and Anna Holladay

Real Talk About Race: NFL by John-Mark Brown

Why I Am A Christian by Brandon Hubbard-Heitz

The Reality of Sex Trafficking and the Super Bowl by Chris Rinker

Traditional Values I Can Promote by Elizabeth Corney

New & Familiar: Koinonia and the First Year of Div School by Pia Diggs

Alumni Voices: Franklyn Pottorff

If the Universe Is More Than 6,000 Years Old, Then Jesus Doesn’t Love You by Jessica Place

DivVine Question: What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

Top 10 New Holidays That Would Be Better Than Valentine’s Day

January 28, 2014

Brown Like Me by Nathan Berry

The Male Monopolization of Youth Ministry by Brian Hayes

Oh, Bo by Molly Bolton

Dark Night of the Flu by Brandon Hubbard-Heitz

The Patron Saint of Geeks by Jessica Place

Hijacking Hip Hop: Macklemore’s Coming Out Party by John-Mark Brown

When Are You Going to Get a Real Job? by Elizabeth Corney

Third Year Spotlight: Lisa Irwin by Lisa Page

Top 10 Things We’ll Do Better This Year

December 2, 2013

Deck the Halls and Heretics by Brandon Hubbard-Heitz

Joseph, Did You Know? by John-Mark Brown

An Early Christmas Gift by Pia Diggs

List of End Times Considerations by Perry Dixon

Christmas Gifts With Christian Values by Lisa Page

Church People Are the Worst: Christmas Gift Edition by Jessica Place

Why Christmas Keeps Coming Early by Brian Hayes

Third Year Spotlight: Tasharia Harris by Elizabeth Corney

DivVine Question: What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

Top Ten Worst Christmas Songs

November 11, 2013

The Whirlwind We Call Life by Brian Hayes

The Challenge of Being (a CBF) Baptist by Perry Dixon

It’s Jesus, B*tch by Jessica Place

It Ain’t All Black and White by Chelsea Yarborough

The Alchemy of Changing the Human Mind by Elizabeth Corney

The End of History, and the Call for Peace by Andrew Gardner

Why I am a Catholic by Francisco Risso

Alumni Voices: Karen Richardson Dunn

Third Year Spotlight: Perry Dixon by Molly Bolton

Top 10 Things Not to Say to Your Grandma at Thanksgiving

DivVine Question: What are you thankful for?

October 22, 2013

The Church, the State, and the Div School by Elizabeth Corney

Third Year Spotlight: Mamie Murphy by Brian Hayes

Turn the Other Cheek? by Brandon Hubbard-Heitz

The Ones Who Handle Serpents by Perry Dixon

Real Talk About Race at Wake Div by Analyse Triolo

Coming Out Queer by Molly Bolton & Jessica Place

Alumni Voices: Elizabeth Horton

Why I Am a Pentecostal by Ken Pettigrew

Bangerz and Smash(ing Your Head Against the Wall) by John-Mark Brown

Top Ten Creepiest Pictures of Jesus

DivVine Question: What are you going to be for Halloween?

October 7, 2013

Laramie, Ole Miss and Fighting the Good Fight by Perry Dixon

Real Talk about Race at Wake Div: Where Do We Start Now? by Michelle Butler

Falling to Common Ground by Brian Hayes

The Four Most Embarrassing Songs on my iPod by Jessica Place

Things I Learned in Full Time Volunteer Work by Elizabeth Corney

Why I Am Grace Communion International by Hilary Irusta

National Coming Out Day by Lisa Page

Third Year Spotlight: Katie Schlimmer by Brandon Hubbard-Heitz

Alumni Voices: Laura Barclay

Top Ten Things That Would Happen in the Div School Shut Down

DivVine Question: What is you favorite thing about Fall?

September 23, 2013

Not All Like That by Jessica Place

Pro-Life Terrorism and the Sonic Place of the Sermon by Brandon Hubbard-Heitz

You and Me in the Formation of Us by Brian Hayes

Why I Only Date Feminists by Molly Bolton

How Shall We Treat Our Neighbors? by Elizabeth Coney

Anxiety: Freedom and Finitude by Perry Dixon

Why I Am a Mennonite by Emily Hedrick

Third Year Spotlight: Hilary Irusta by Lisa Page

Alumni Voices: D.L. Russell

Top Ten Google Image Search Results for Wake Div Faculty

DivVine Question: What is your Dream Job?

Ask Alice: Historical Jesus

September 9, 2013

That Time the Indigo Girls Led Worship by Lisa Page

It Ain’t All Black and White by Molly Bolton & Monique Swaby

Sports Report by Andrew Gardner

Answers to the Question of Human Dignity by Perry Dixon

When Yeezus and the Holy Grail Fall Short by John-Mark Brown

Summer of Disappointment by Jessica Place

How Wake Div is Like Hogwarts by Brian Hayes

An Introduction to Dr. Katherine Shaner by James Harris

Why Am I a Reformed Episcopalian by Cameron Robinson

Student Spotlight: Francisco Risso by Elizabeth Corney

Alumni Voices: Zachary Bailes

DivVine: What book would you add to the canon?

Top 10 Classes We Wish We Were Taking

Ask Alice: Homework Trouble

April 24, 2013

The People They Are a-Changin’ by Brandon Hubbard-Heitz

The Gospel According to Geeks by Jessica Place

Articulations of Humanity in Black Religious Life by Janis Robertson

When the Doubting Saints Go Meandering In by Mandy Mizelle

Not for Sale by Roger Hayes

Student Spotlight: Jimmy Gawne by Maria Nkonge

Ask Alice: Environment & Finance

DivVine: What environmental problem should people be more aware of?

Top Ten Faculty and Staff Summer Plans

April 9, 2013

What Is, Seen Differently by Molly Brummett

Inside Intramurals by Andrew Gardner

How Not to Talk About Marriage by Molly Bolton

Take Me Out to the Ball Game by Brandon Hubbard-Heitz

No One Expects the Southern Inquisition by Jessica Place

Student Spotlight: Terry Parrish by Maria Nkonge

Ask Alice: How do I get and keep a man?

DivVine: What is your favorite name or image for God?

Top Ten Reasons Winston-Salem May Be Next on Kim Jon-Un’s Hit List

March 26, 2013

The Pope: I’m Uninterested by Molly Bolton

Peacehaven Farm: An Organic Community by Nathan Peifer

United We Fall by Jessica Place

Keep Pentecostalism Weird by Brandon Hubbard-Heitz

Lessons Learned: A Review of WAKEstock by John-Mark Brown

Where the Boys Are–and Who’s Not There Yet by Mandy Mizelle

Student Spotlight: Baylee Smith by Maria Nkonge

DivVine: What did you learn over Spring Break?

Top Ten Reasons Jesus is Jealous of the Easter Bunny

March 4, 2013

Bible 3.0 by Jessica Place

Unplug: A Radical Proposition by Brandon Hubbard-Heitz

Oscars 2013: You Saw Our Boobs, We Saw Your Ignorance by Molly Bolton

Imagining the Pope-abilities by Mandy Mizelle

On Toilet Paper and Rich Children by Perry Dixon

Gender Variance in the Bible: Hidden in Plain Sight by Lindsey Mullen

The Leading Causes of Life: What Can We Learn from Nature? by Maria Nkonge

Student Spotlight: Justin Thomas by Molly Brummet

DivVine: What changes would you like to see under a new pope?

Top 10 Things We Will Miss About the Trible Lectures

February 18, 2013

Thus Saith Brueggeman by Brandon Hubbard-Heitz

I Do by Molly Bolton

In the Openness of Others by Mandy Mizelle

The Stupidity of the Status Quo by Jessica Place

The Agony of Gethsemane by Tasharia Harris

Forward On by Caleb Pusey

Student Spotlight: Patrick Campbell by Molly Brummett

On Figuring Out Substantive Dialogue by Perry Dixon

DivVine: What do you wish you could give up for Lent?

Top 10 Nominees for Pope

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