Editor’s Note and Disclaimer: The anecdotes below were crafted in a collaborative effort by members of the The Tablet staff. In no way are these comments crafted as summarizations of each graduate’s tenure at the School of Divinity. They may be representative of a particular memory, ministry gift, personality characteristic, or contribution to community life. Some pull the heart strings, while others tickle the funny bone. There was no method used to determine who received which type of sentiment.


Monica Banks, MDiv. “Minister of Thrift Shopping!”

Athena Bless, MDiv. “She has a lovely disposition and smile and ready to take on any task. Cali won’t know what a gift it’s receiving!”

Alyssa Szymanski “Ski” Botte, MDiv and MA in Counseling. “Has a unique experience working with the elderly and sharing how it’s shaped her as an individual.”

Calvin Bradford, MDiv.  “Super thoughtful and does fantastic interfaith work.”

Amy Leigh Burris, MDiv.  “Has an immense compassion for this world and an extreme warmth of presence!”

Abby Catoe, MDiv. “Her beautiful voice and practical outlook (and her truck!). And of course, her “hippie heart!”

Corinne Causby, MDiv.  “Served as our go-to for questions on Baptistness (excluding Dr. Leonard). Who could ever take her place? Another Baptist Rebel-Rouser perhaps?”

Kedrick Clark, MDiv. “Has a heart for people, a knack for understanding communities, and an innate sense of empathy.”

Clara Debnam, MDiv.  “Her beautiful spirit and love for ‘the least of these’ will be missed!”

Marlena Del Hierro, MDiv and MA in Counseling.  “Seamlessly flows between the div school and counseling department and makes it look so easy!”

Cynthia Drew, MDiv.  “Always thinking outside the box.”

Courtney Dutton, MDiv.  “Their authenticity, great humor, and wonderful laugh graced the div school.”

Marisa Fraley, MDiv.  “Her knowledge about the Enneagram and her skill as a great listener rival Chris Copeland’s.”

Joseph Fuson, MDiv.  “Who wore it best, or didn’t wear it best?  The ongoing competition between Joey and Buddy on who’s feet looked better without shoes.”

Jasmyn Graham, MDiv.  “Don’t let her jokes fool you, she has a compassionate heart!”

Darrell Hamilton, MDiv.  “Does Darrell even own a pair of jeans?  Or, Most likely to own a haberdashery.”

David Harrison, MDiv.  “In real life, he looks just like he looks in his pictures on Facebook.”

Lance Henry, MDiv and JD in Law.  “Not everyone could manage div school and law school, but Lance did!”

Kristopher “Seth” Hix, MDiv. “Will be heard from behind the pulpit saying, ‘If you wanna get to heaven where the streets are paved with gold, then you gotta know the password, Roll Tide, Roll!'”

Brian Hollingsworth, MDiv.  “Will someday be a featured speaker at a Ted talk for his series of art books on spiritual direction.”

Victoria Lasley, MDiv.  “Has a generous heart and will do anything to help you with a smile on her face and a feistiness in her heart.”

Emily Lemoine, MDiv.  “We’ll miss her attention to detail and ability to multi-task.”

Sabrina Long, MDiv.  “A master of the small things; understands the importance of one-on-one discipleship.”

Roxanne Marterre, MDiv.  “Inappropriate jokes that are actually very appropriate.”

William “Buddy” Marterre, MDiv.  “A surgeon who doesn’t wear shoes, you don’t see that everyday, unless you’re at #wakediv.”

Demi McCoy, MDiv.  “Her voice is a blessing and we will miss her poetry!”

Darnysha Nard, MDiv.  “Her positive attitude is contagious and she’ll never let you down if you need a partner to discuss celebrity gossip with.  Plus, she’s ordained now.”

Delphia Nicole Newton, MDiv.  “We’ll miss her ability to read any room she walks into; knowing how to offer her thoughts, but also stand in solidarity without saying a single word if necessary.”

Jeffery Oliver, MDiv. “Mr. Consistent, Always There!”

Daniel Reese, MDiv.  “Has a compassionate heart and willingness to see the other side of the issue, and we can’t ignore his sports knowledge either.”

Angelica Regalado, MDiv.  “Her diversity of experience and willingness to share with her community will be missed.”

Alison “Nikki” Scheidecker, MDiv.  “Always says what’s on her mind and will never turn down a good hug.”

Gabriel Sifuentes, MDiv.  “Is soft-spoken with a huge heart.  Arguably the most knowledgeable ‘gearhead’ in the div school!”

Daniel Szemple, MDiv.  “The minister who farms or the farmer who ministers?”

Courtney Sherine Thomas, MDiv.  “Has a serious heart for those who hurt.”

Joshua Tysinger, MDiv.  “A wicked sense of sarcasm and wit, is always a joy to be around.”

Nicolas Williams, MDiv and MA in Counseling.  “We won’t forget his sassiness and his ability to pick a song for any occasion or situation.”

Andria Williamson, MDiv.  “We’ll miss her pleasant personality and wonderful singing voice.”