1. Clean your living space. You can’t study properly if you’re surrounded by clutter!


2.  ProcrastiNAP. After all that cleaning, you need to rest so you can refuel your energy!


3.  ProcrastiEAT.  Obviously you can’t start studying on an empty stomach. That would just be irresponsible.


4.  You have to do something while you eat, and episodes of The Office are rather short…(oops it’s on autoplay)


5. Netflix may have kept you a little longer than expected, so recenter your body and mind with some yoga.  There are lots of great tutorials on YouTube.


6. FaceTime your friends so that you can tell them how productive you’ve been while also distracting them from doing their work.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 9.34.00 AM.png

7.  While FaceTiming, your friend tells you about this quiz they took about what kind of cheese they were, and you just have to know what kind of cheese you are, too.


8. After you’ve found out what cheese you are, what Starbucks drink you are, and various other important things you never knew about yourself, you see an ad for the live stream of April the giraffe. You have to watch it so you don’t miss her giving birth!


9.  After watching April for a while, you realize how magical giraffes are, and that makes you want to watch all of the Harry Potter movies.  Even if you don’t think giraffes are magical, who would say no to Harry Potter?


10.  After such a busy day, it’s much too late to start studying now, so you might as well rest up for the next day when you actually have time to study.