Let me start by saying this, Being a Mom is Hard. Yes, it is truly rewarding and perhaps the best thing that has happened to me, but with that said it’s hard. Now, add being a full-time graduate student taking way too many credit hours. Why am I taking so many courses? I need to graduate in May, point blank! So, this article chronicles a typical Thursday in my life.

2:00 am- baby wakes up to nurse
4:00am- baby wakes up to nurse
5:00 am- I wake up thinking the baby wants to nurse
6:00 am- Spouse’s alarm wakes me up
7:00am-Baby wakes up to nurse AGAIN
7:30 am- my alarm goes off, and I fall back asleep
8:00 am- spouse wakes me to let me know he is going to work
8:15 am- I wake up to get dressed for class
8:45 am- I get the baby dressed for the sitter
9:10 am- Babysitter rolls in
9:15 am- I am out the door
9:25 am- on campus desperately needing coffee
9:35 am- roll into class late again eye roll
11:00 am- leave class to pick up my kid
11:30am- diaper change and nurse again
12:00 pm- attempt to check email while burping my baby/nap time
12:30 pm- 3:00 pm try to do homework/write a paper/nurse baby/rock baby back to sleep
3:00 pm- realize I only have ½ page written
3:05 pm- think about what to make for dinner
3:15 pm- nurse baby again and change diaper
4:00pm- make dinner
5:30 pm- hand baby off to spouse and attempt to do work

I could go on, but you get the point. So, I simply just wanted to give a SLOW CLAP for all the moms at Wake Div. You are beautiful! Type out your schedule and maybe reply with it below. You will be amazed at the extension of GRACE God gives us daily!