1. We basically have classes in a castle.
    With the size and majesty of Wait Chapel, our classroom building is pretty much like the Hogwarts Castle…we just need to work on getting an ocean surrounding it.harry-potter-and-the-prisoner-of-azkaban-256
  2. Chris Copeland lights enough candles to the point where we wonder why we even use electricity.
    Much like Hogwarts, we do much of our best work near candlelight.  Most of the time it’s for centering, and Chris has influenced us to light our own candles. We might even say Wake Div is lit.
  3. Dr. Leonard is the Dumbledore to our Hogwarts.
    With an ever-present twinkle in his eye and love for his students, Dr. Leonard isn’t afraid to get down and funky, especially with the pre-class jams he plays on YouTube as students walk in.Moving_stairs.gif
  4. No matter how long you’ve been here, Wingate’s staircases will never get easier to navigate.
    We’ve all gotten lost at least once or twice, hoping that at least one of the three staircases we try will lead us to the right place.  They’ve made us late to class and have caused a world of frustration…we really should just give up and take the elevator.great-hall.gif
  5. Like every magical school, Wake Div has a dining hall–it just happens to be in the Lower Auditorium of Wingate.
    Every Tuesday and Thursday, food is always waiting for us after chapel.  Lots and lots of food.Eh6lF14bfFcx.gif
  6. Who needs a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher when you have coffee—the ultimate defense?
    Let’s be honest: warm cups of caffeine get us through the good days, but especially through the bad days.  With coffee in hand, no Dark Arts can touch us.eefedffee702cb47a7ad2074c136b722.jpg
  7. The grad lounge is our own Room of Requirement.
    Whether we’re looking for a power nap, a printer, or a microwave, the grad lounge is always there when we need it.  And we need it a lot.92831.jpg
  8. The Free-Game Fridge is truly a Vanishing Cabinet.
    It doesn’t seem to matter how many leftovers we stick in there. By the end of the day—or the hour—pretty much all the food is gone. Unless it’s butter.  There’s always tons of butter.Gryffindor_Quidditch_Gif.gif
  9. Every intramurals game is a Quidditch Match in our hearts.
    Div students that play together stay together.  All you have to do is get a broom (or shoot an email to Courtney Dutton).giphy.gif
  10. The relationships we build here are our greatest form of magic.
    Everyone at Wake Div is different, and that’s what makes this school so unique.  We all have a different set of skills to bring to the table, and when we work together, nothing can stop us – not even Voldemort.