1. Jesus Be a Casserole: Cooking Dinner as Religious Sacramentgiphy
  2. Left Behind: An In-Depth Analysis of the Books and Film While Living in the End Timesgiphy (1)
  3. Sleeping With Christ: Napping as a Spiritual Practicegiphy (3)
  4. May the Force Be With You (and Also With You): The Gospel of Star Wars
    giphy (4)
  5. Talking With Our Hands: The Impact of Hand Motions as a Preaching Tool
    giphy (5)
  6. Close Your Eyes and Raise Your Hand: Theology of the Altar Callgiphy (6)
  7. Hot Chocolate and Prophetic Story-Telling: Bedtime Stories with Dr. Leonardgiphy (7)
  8. Burning in Hell: How to Be a Good Heretic in the 21st Centurygiphy (8)
  9. Water into Wine: Libation Theologygiphy (9)
  10. Liturgical Rhythm: Teaching White People How to Clap Along to Worship Musicgiphy (2)