By Kevin Garrity, Guest Writer

Love Poem I.
She gave me the key to her apartment
I chose to give it back
When I did, she didn’t want it back,
I gave it to her anyway

Access to her heart, she had given me that too
I was supposed to keep that,
I returned that too

Now I want to have her heart again,
but the apartment key she gave back
didn’t come with that

It’s because, when I gave the key back,
I told her I no longer wanted access to her heart—
I left it wide-gaping shut

She didn’t want any of it back,
all she wanted was access to me, my heart’s key,
and if not that, even just one heart string
I had given her nothing

I’m begging for her to accept access to me
A desperate offer of my heart’s eternal key;
until she says, access to my heart will never again be yours
access to mine, is hers

What I gave her before,
no access to my heart
She doesn’t want that back;
but this eternal key,
I hope she’ll take that

Trips- Foucault on LSD, and Taking a Vacation
Foucault reports a transformative experience with LSD and friends,
in Death Valley, watching the sun set

Drugs are recreational?
Maybe it’s their re-creational effect

A hallucinatory experience of things as they are

So, then, what’s the recreational difference
between LSD and vacation?
Both trips seek reality anew

A couple from Madrid, Iowa
Population: approximately 2,500
Boone County, Iowans

They pay to sit in a vessel that floats through the sky
Destination: Madrid, Spain
They go to recreate their reality for a while

A week to month long hallucination

Anyone who leaves home to vacation
Takes a trip like they’re on LSD

I bet Foucault and the Iowan couple would agree,
Trips are best taken when you’re not alone

Love Poem II.
I humbly hope that, through me,
you realize You.
For it is this way of realization—realizing one’s true self through the connection of two
The act of love at its best can do.

Under the rain of warm water,
with the touch of a soapy hand placed,
readable expressions authored on your face

So I read.
It was an intense read.
I lived fully alive in that moment—
reading your face

A closed lip smile
a page opening itself to be read;
Red, jotted across each of your cheeks,
and your Eyes, titled, Ambivalent Feeling

Why was your moment titled such, My Love?
As the loving reader of your text
I saw the twisted plots of your sex

Plot 1: coyness, yet sheer joy and delight
Plot 2: displeasure, from your own sense of pleasure

Be sure, My Love,
this text is the read of my entire life
It and You are the subject of my sexual delight

So please, My Love, if you would,
read me reading what I see as a masterpiece
Read it this way so you will see the work for what it is