by Angel Lee, Guest Contributor

It is March already! Summer break is just 10 weeks away! Don’t panic yet. There is still time to figure out how to finance your summer and maybe even some school expenses for next academic year. Now is the time to start looking and applying for summer jobs.

First, examine your network (church, school, friends, and family). Let people in your network know that you are looking for a summer position. There maybe someone in your network who is either looking to hire for the summer or knows of available summer positions. Second, find information on summer youth camps in your area. Summer youth camps are in need of camp directors and staff. Third, check out your local retail stores for summer employment opportunities.

If none of these options work out for you, then create a summer hustle for yourself. This may include dog-walking, lawn care, tutoring, or babysitting.   Also think about how to use your talents and abilities as a means of gaining income. If you have talent in visual arts, you may decide to sell some art on eBay or via your own website.

Summer jobs are great for not only covering living expenses over the summer, but there may be potential to save enough money for books or other school expenses for the fall and/or spring semester. Be careful to plan how to spend the money you will earn over the summer. It is easy to find yourself without any money at the end of summer, even with a job. The freedom of being out of school and the desire to have fun may empty the pockets. So remember to budget and save!