by Marisa Fraley, Staff Writer

As religious leaders, it is important to be aware of what is going on in our world. Below, I have compiled a mix of various stories that are relevant to the work that we do.


1. ‘In God We Trust’ on Police Cars

Some counties across the country, including in North Carolina are placing ‘In God We Trust’ on their police cars, in some instances paid for by churches. They are doing so in attempt to gain more confidence. This blurs the lines that are supposed to exist between church and state.


2. Former FLDS Member Spills New Information

One of the former members of FLDS, Willie Jessop opens up and reveals new information about his time in the FLDS and Warren Jeffs.


3. How are you Celebrating Lent?

Has lent become a self-help opportunity for us, or are we using it as a chance to “rend our hearts” and be reminded of God’s love for us.


4. “Can you Fix This?”

Here’s an article that reminds us that we can’t fix other people, we can only give them a safe space in which to voice their emotions, gain a new perspective, and find ways to make a change.


5. Request to Call ISIS Attacks Genocide

There is a call for the President Obama to declare the ISIS attacks genocide.   What would that mean for us as religious leaders if it is declared a genocide? Do we have a greater responsibility to call for action and ways to stop ISIS if it is?