by Angel Lee, Guest Contributor

As ministers and faith leaders, many of us have the desire to dress the part. We want to wear fashions that attest to our personal style while giving the image of a leader. The problem is how to pay for this style without going into debt. Clothes and accessories can be very expensive. However, I assure you that you can have personal style without going in the red. Here are my tips for frugal shopping.

1. Shopping Malls

The stores in the shopping malls have a way of luring you into their stores. The outfits on the mannequins look sharp, and there are huge signs in the windows advertising discounts. If you go decide to go in the stores, start shopping in the back. The discounted and clearance items are usually in the back of the stores. In the department stores, the discounted items are usually on racks in the back of the sections. Outlet stores are better for finding new discounted clothes and accessories, but they can also be expensive. Be sure to ask the greeter about their sales for the day.

2. Supercenters (Walmart/Target/Costco)

These stores have fashionable items at reasonable prices. There are times that a similar item may be cheaper elsewhere. Check for sales at your favorite stores and compare prices.

3. Offseason Items

In a couple weeks, winter clothes will be marked down as stores prepare to sell spring wear. Although you may be buying last season’s fashion, your pockets will be happy. You will still look good!

4. Thrift Stores

Many thrift stores have great deals hiding in those racks. If you are like me and get headaches when searching through the racks, bring a friend with you who enjoys thrift shopping.

5. Hand Me Downs

If you have friends or family members who are doing spring cleaning, ask them if you can have some of their clothing and accessories that they want give away. I have gotten coats, shoes, shorts, skirts, and suits from other people’s closets. The best part is that I got them for FREE!! Of course, I gave them my love and told them that they are the best!