by Angel Lee, Guest Contributor

What habits or addictions are keeping us from being at our full potential? What habits or addictions are taking money away from our pockets that could be used for a greater purpose? Habits and addictions carry power that can add or subtract from our potential, including our finances.

This is where spirituality intersects finance for me. I will admit that I could be saving more money if I save the money that I spend on sweets and going out to eat multiple times a week. My habit of emotional eating is not only affecting my body but also my pocket. The more I meditate, journal, and reflect on scripture, the more I become aware of how to be whole. This wholeness is a journey that will take me from reliance on food to a dependence on God for my emotional outlet.

When we examine ourselves, we become aware of why we have certain habits or addictions. When we discover the why, we may also discover that some habits and addictions were formed to patch certain emotions or memories. We can then go on a spiritual journey to receive healing and/or gain awareness of how to handle different things in our lives. We can adopt healthy habits that will add to our well-being and wholeness. Our finances may benefit when we drop unhealthy habits and replace them with healthy ones.

Angel’s Challenge: Reflect on your habits and addictions. List them and think about why and how they became habits. Determine which habits detract from your life and which adds to your well-being. Pray about how to change those habits that are not benefiting your life.

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