by Darnysha Nard, Staff Writer

Support is important. Every day that I go into work I am reminded of this. As I walk into work I have to grab my most important tool – my tape measurer. I work for a retailer that caters to women and their happiness. I listen to the needs of the women who enter my store and I provide for them what they need.

I love my job for many reasons, but I especially love that I am able to practice ministry in a setting that is not typical. Customers enter the store either in a frenzy of the unknown or with great a confidence from within. My goal as a Sales Specialist is to meet each of these women where they are and provide what they need. My goal as a minister is to meet each of these women where they are and to help them find within themselves a happiness that may have been silenced for too long.

Recently, a woman entered the store in a frenzy. She was insecure and unsure as to how she could leave the store feeling beautiful. I greeted her with a smile, we exchanged names, and she told her story. I listened to a woman share her victory over cancer, her victory over odds stacked against her. With her victory, came permanent scars. She had a double mastectomy and was not comfortable in her new skin. After such a serious procedure, I told her it was necessary for me to measure her to know her most accurate band and cup size. Once I told what size bra would fit her best, I handed her a bra to try on. She pressed the service button once she had the bra on and I came to check the fit. She opened the door shyly, and we both looked at her reflection in the mirror. She was crying. The fit was perfect. With only a few adjustments to the straps, this woman was able to see her new body in a new light. We spoke and we cried and together we realized that we needed one another in that moment. I provided her with support and she revealed a beautiful strength I had never seen before.

Most women do not realize that eighty percent of the support in a bra comes from the band. Once a woman is in the correct band size, she is more likely to feel comfortable in her bra for longer periods of time. Just like a bra, it is important that women band together for support. It is important that ministers band together and realize that there are no boundaries to when and where people can be reached. Support is important.