by Brian Hayes, Staff Writer

It is with great honor and pride that I get to highlight Marcus McGill. As many of you may know, Marcus is one of my best friends. He has been incredibly instrumental in my life personally during my time in divinity school. To assist me in my commute to school from Greensboro, he has opened up his home to me on countless occasions and has provided me with several meals. Marcus is one of the most giving and hospitable people I have ever met. Those who know Marcus have surely recognized this same compassionate nature in him.

One of the things I appreciate most about Marcus is his authenticity. With him, what you see is what you get. One of the ways this holds true is through his distinct mountain twang. Marcus is from the small town of Young Harris, Georgia where Appalachian culture abounds. Marcus is certainly true to his heritage in this respect. This loyalty to heritage is also depicted through how important Marcus’ family is to him (immediate and extended). He works hard to honor his family through his character and remains deeply connected to their lives despite being physically far from them.

Marcus’ high priority for family is also expressed through his faithful devotion to his wife of three years, Brittany. It doesn’t take long in conversations with Marcus for him to mention Brittany and how proud he is to be with her. Marcus regularly voices gratefulness for her partnership and the care and support she offers him. Because of this, no article about Marcus would be complete without portraying his teamwork with Brittany.

One major way this teamwork is conveyed currently in their lives is through their work with students at Piney Grove Baptist Church in Mount Airy. Marcus has been the Youth Minister at Piney Grove for three years and has been formative in the faith of many middle and high schoolers who have attended there. Brittany has been an integral part of this ministry as well. In addition to ministering to students, Marcus and Brittany have also been involved in music at Piney Grove. What some of you may not know about Marcus is that he is an excellent pianist and singer. His wife, Brittany, is also a phenomenal vocalist and they perform together regularly.

In pursuit of his vocation, Marcus was recently ordained to the gospel ministry at Piney Grove. In this vein, he plans to pursue pastoral ministry after graduation from divinity school. Marcus’ vision for the church is a unique and important one for the future of Christianity. He believes church should be much more like a community center than the sectarian institution it often becomes. Marcus has a passion for making the church a welcoming institution that opens its doors for people to connect with one another and have their needs met. Vital to Marcus’ vision for the church is a genuine openness of worship that allows people freedom of expression to respond to God in a variety of ways.

I feel confident that Marcus’ vision and his servant’s heart will make him an effective minister wherever he ends up. Any congregation would be lucky to call him pastor and any individual would be fortunate to call him friend. I invite the Wake Div community to congratulate Marcus on his recent ordination and to support him as he continues growing into his ministerial identity. He is already doing great things and I know he will continue to do many more in the days ahead.