by Daniel Reese, Staff Writer

At some point in time, we at Wake Forest School of Divinity, have all received the same invitation to come to the Table and risk transformation. I’ll never forget sitting in First Year Orientation as Dr. Jill Crainshaw extended this invitation to my class. Up until that moment, I had never heard transformation and risk used in the same sentence. That combination of words rang true and in that moment, I said yes. Yes to God, yes to this process, yes to transformation.

What I had not anticipated was how deep this process would go so quickly. Almost immediately, I was confronted with self-doubt and questions related to my personal and professional identity. Having been forewarned not to lose my faith by well-meaning folk, I actually found myself in the Wake of wisdom as I sought to make sense of the clutter.

I soon realized that Wisdom was present in the place I had arrived. The Spirit of Truth could be heard in congruence with seasoned voices found within the community, reminding me of my identity in God through Christ. Wisdom would not let me lose my faith. As the actionable side of truth, She actually kept me faithful. Chapel services, classroom discussions and hallway conversations became opportunities to discern God’s activity in my life and the life of the community. You see, transformation is a messy and difficult work. It is a risk at which nothing of our inner life is off limits. We even find the mundane to be on God’s side. Our role in this work is actively passive. We don’t control the how or the when. The pace at which we are transformed finds its stride solely in God’s timing.

Over the last year I have realized the best one can do is commit to continually showing up with an open mind and a listening heart that works with the wisdom of God. Will it be uncomfortable? Sure. Will there be tears along the way? Most definitely. But, the outcome will be well worth the risk. The same Truth that brought you this far will remain faithful in seeing you through!