by Darnysha Nard, Staff Writer

Ahh…it is that time of year. We all know it well. The season is finally here when we embrace all that is warm and cozy, but not too warm, cool, but not cold. It is the perfect weather for a bonfire and scarves, boots, hot chocolate, puffy vests that do not actually accentuate anyone’s shape and pumpkin flavored everything. Social Media would have you think that perfection is achieved every year, for an entire season. Fall would be perfect except for the havoc the wind wreaks on our comfort.

Millions of Americans fall victim to harsh winds. With the fluctuation of the weather, one day you can wear a skirt that allows your legs to see sunlight and the next day you must be covered head to toe because the wind is brutal. Those tastefully printed scarves blow ever so slightly, constantly unwrapping from around your neck, leaving you vulnerable and unprotected. If it is not redefining your fashion by blowing articles of clothing this way and that, it is enacting this horrendous force on your hair. The models in ad campaigns can pull off the windblown hair look; you cannot. During her stage performances, Beyoncé has her ‘people’ strategically place fans on the stage to give her the windblown look. Generating your own wind is a different process than being at the sole discretion of Mother Nature in revolt. On a normal human being, windblown hair looks sloppy. To avoid this look, there are only a few options:

  1. Hire people to follow you around with fans positioned to blow your locks around your face that highlight your cheekbones.
  2. Accept that you cannot do suggestion #1 and continue to try to rock a look that only Beyoncé can.
  3. Or lastly, you admit to yourself that you are not Beyoncé and stuff all of your hair in a cute beanie (admitting defeat in style).

Though many of us aspire to be more like Beyoncé in our daily lives, it is a goal that is not achievable for normal people. It is time that we live into our truths, embracing all that is unique and beautiful in every individual. Until then, wear your beanie and enjoy this perfect autumnal season.