by Elizabeth Corney, Editor-in-Chief

One recent Thursday night, I had the chance to sit down and talk with Sara Smith and Larke Griffin over dinner. Despite the hilarity that ensued over our waiter’s misconception that Divinity school equals nun training we managed to have a great meal and conversation. These two friends and December graduates tell about their vocational goals, good times in Divinity school, and their preferred theological company. They are ready to graduate, but will miss a few things.


What are some fun facts about you that not everyone knows?

Larke: On the Appalachia trip, I wore footie pajamas to breakfast because that is just how I roll.

Sara: Once, I got briefly stuck on the creepy floor on my way to see Dr. Leonard.


Why did you decide to come to Divinity School?

Sara: I want to be a Chaplain

Larke: I’m trying out this whole Christianity thing for a while.


How is that working out for you?

Larke: Good. But really I came to div school because I wanted to work in Summer Camp ministry.


Why graduate early?

Sara: I knew I would be getting married during Divinity School. I wanted time to spend with my husband and other family members before starting full time ministry.

Larke: I’m also getting married soon. I’m ready to start working and fulfilling my calling.


Which professors have you particularly enjoyed learning from?

Sara: Neal!

Larke: Dr. Leonard.


Post-graduation plans?

Larke: I plan to move to Boone after my wedding and pursue a position directing a summer camp in the NC Mountains

Sara: I would like to travel and gain experience as a Chaplaincy Resident at Baptist


What will you miss?

Sara: The Admissions staff and all the wonderful things they do.

Larke: Claire Noelle Batten. And Mark’s sassiness


Favorite drink and favorite theologian?

Sara: Alfred North Whitehead and Angry Orchard cider

Larke: Jürgen Moltmann, Frank Tupper, and NC craft beer