by Jayvon Johnson, Staff Writer 

I can’t help but to think of this new school year here at Wake Divinity as a new beginning to achieve everything that I desire. If it’s your first or third year embarking on this journey, we must remember that we can’t bring an old mindset to a new season. If we desire to be the change we wish to see in the world, we cannot forget the foundation of why we are here.

There is a particular purpose that each of us are here to unlock. We discover that gift, purpose, or destiny as we sit in our historical lectures of the church, participate in Art of Ministry activities or participate in weekly worship. More importantly, we unravel our true identity in ministry when we fully immerse ourselves in God’s calling on our life. This happens when we stand boldly and firmly in place declaring and living the word of our creator.

Our fruit is the product of our relationship with Christ. Like actual fruit, the taste, look and smell are altered with time and can result in a bitter response from the consumer. Do not allow your spiritual being to sit by and wither away in this process while you grow in accolades and leadership roles.

God is looking to use us all as examples of how to do His work the right way. If you have found yourself drained and burned out while on this journey, meditate and ponder why. As your fruit drops, its seeds spread among the nation. Watch as He waters them with His spirit, love and truth. Let us all assist the Gardener.