jm1. John-Mark Brown’s jokes that never landed
2. Serban Cioca almost running us over with his bicycle
3. Larry Brown’s collection of Mr. Rogers cardigans
4. Michael Dise’s ability to use words like ontological and epistemological in everyday conversation
5. Terrinae Watson’s fitness bad assery
6. Dominique Grate’s South Carolina pride
7. Tommy Brown’s commitment to tithing (who else is going to pay our salaries?)jp
8. Chris Coates’ hat straight out of Gilligan’s Island
9. Ted Wilkinson’s graphic t-shirt collection
10. Courtney Stamey’s MVP performances on the intramurals field
11. Sheldon McLeod’s “Macbook”
12. Anna Holliday’s big ass birthday parties
13. Lisa Cashion’s foresight to get two degrees so she won’t have to slog through unemployment like the rest of us
14. Alan Suber’s maestro piano skills in chapel11704_10204846507267882_5653627405941359952_n
15. Nick Stewart’s bow tie collection
16. Brandon Hubbard-Heitz‘s…wait, who is he?
17. Sarah Stitt’s binders full of cupcakes
18. Love’ Lemon’s unfiltered questions
19. Travis McGuirt’s light, which he would never hide under a bushel
20. Keith Menhinick’s eternal optimism
21. Lindsey Mullen’s hugs
22. Ashton Murray’s sense of stylelp
23. Lisa Page’s love for technology
24. Austin Carty’s Survivor trivia
25. Jessica Place’s undying support for evangelicals
26. Cameron Robinson’s radical openness
27. Andrew Gardner’s Off-Broadway performances at divinity school talent shows
28. Liam Hooper’s sex talks
29. Crystal Rook’s unstoppable spirit (or should we say Holy Spirit?)67710_4056333566573_499860737_n
30. Blake Strother’s alter ego DJ Nine
31. Candice Morris’ unpredictability
32. Monique Ellison’s beautiful smile
33. Analyse Triolo repping the Lutherans at Wake Divinity
34. Chris Rinker’s dedication to flip flops no matter what the weather is outside
35. Pat Boswell’s quiet brilliance
36. Brittani Chavious’s iFacebook posts
37. Chelsea Yarborough’s fearless leadership of Lift Every Voice
38. Chris Coleman’s general classiness