By earning my Master of Divinity degree!
Analyse Triolo

Burning my Greek textbook while whispering “tettelestai”
James Harris

Sitting on the porch, drinking an Arnold Palmer, and reading a book that does not have ‘God’ or ‘Jesus’ in the title.
Ted Wilkinson

I’m gonna take a little time for howlin at the moon!!! Looking forward to seeing Sam Bush and a host of other favorites at DelFest over Memorial Day!
Rachel Revelle

Reading slightly twisted books for fun!
Amanda Ferguson

Watching Avengers: Age of Ultron on Thursday night and watching the Mayweather/Paquio fight on Saturday night!
Darrell Hamilton

I will begin my 18 months of mourning after I pilgrimage to the library to return all my books.
Lisa Page

By watching “The Fault in Our Stars” cause I’m sappy like that and just hide my sappiness here at the divschool. I’ve been saving that movie for the end of the semester.
Skyping with my Mom and sister for at least an hour.
Calling all the people I keep ignoring for the sake of sanity, especially my Dad, and working my way out of the doghouse.
Sit in my favorite chair
Garden (hopefully)
Nicole Johnson

Watching Nicholas Cage act his tail off in Left Behind on Netflix while eating a popcorn bowl’s worth of Fruity Pebbles.
John-Mark Brown
john mark

EOYB and Burke St Pub on Friday Night! (1st Choice)

– OR –

Not setting an alarm clock. (2nd Choice)

Your call.
Daniel Potter

I wish I could tell you, but as in all things said in print these days, my words will forever be present in that great digital “cloud” of witnesses. 🙂

Just Kidding!

Actually, I am going to celebrate by laying down and closing my eyes in a hammock that hasn’t swung all year. I am going to quit neglecting Duke and throw the tennis ball until he stops going after it. I am going to take Brittany out on so many “date-nights” that she starts to think we are actually dating again, instead of just passing each other as a married couple, which has sadly become the norm lately. I am gonna read a book with no real reason to read it other than I enjoy it— it will not contain any theology, spirituality, or historical fact. I am going to worship in a church service and try not to connect everything I see and hear to something I am currently studying in DivSchool. Finally, I am gonna say goodbye to some dear friends that call themselves the “third years”. After all this, I am just going to breathe because I haven’t been doing enough of that.

Marcus McGill