“There are civil war ghosts living in the basements of several homes in Ardmore.” — Lisa Page


“How to look like I’m enjoying watching someone prophesy and exorcise evil spirits with the Bahamas’ version of Benny Hinn.” — Katie Schlimmer


“I took a hiatus from learning during Spring Break.” — Jimmy Gawne


“That I only have four weeks to get this Art of Ministry III paper done. Lord, help!!!” — Justin Thomas


“I think there is a new pope, but not exactly sure.” — Nathan Berry


“That my twins only get sick when mommy is supposed to have mommy time! Thanks strep throat and tummy aches!” — LaTonya McIver


“The people I’m house-sitting for haven’t subscribed to any of the adult channels.” — Jessica Place


“There was a nonviolent children’s march during the Civil Rights Movement in Birmingham, AL, 1963, also known as the Children’s Crusade. Hundreds of high school and middle school children left schools to continue the march in Birmingham when their parents could not. They were all jailed for a few days and housed in makeshift prisons, which were really barns before they were released to parents. In 1994, a documentary was created to tell this story called, Might Times: The Children’s March.”  — Monique Swaby


“That it’s neither of those things.” — Francisco Risso